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The keys for Seattle Seahawks to be successful in 2010.

The 2010 Seattle Seahawks season outcome will be really good. Given that they are still in rebuild mode and the effects of a new Offensive schemes and Defensive schemes. The Seattle Seahawks are posed to having a winning season in the first time in two season. The key factors of the Seattle Seahawks to be successful in 2010 are Healthy Matt Hasselbeck, the running game and a solid defense.

The following breakdown is my keys to a successful Seahawks season.

The Key Factors:

1. Jeremy Bates-

2010 Seahawks will most closely resemble Mike Shanahan’s Denver Broncos.

This is not a surprise, since Bates was Shanahan’s offensive coordinator in 2008.

That year, the Broncos racked up 6,333 yards and ranked second in the league. The Broncos ran a West Coast hybrid that season—which seems to play perfectly into the strengths of the players the Seahawks have assembled here. They will change from the version Mike Holmgren’s Seahawks ran from 1999 to 2008 and feature the running game instead, along with more two-tight end sets. The Seahawks have a stable of able runners and two capable tight ends, with a promising freak of a rookie.

Bates’ West Coast will rely on short precision passes to stretch the field horizontally and open up the running lanes. Once the safeties have stopped cheating up on the line of scrimmage, then Bates will unleash the running attack. The West Coast also stretches the field by using four and five receivers, which literally stretches the defense and gives the running back fewer defenders to deal with once he has the ball. Washington and Forsett should be able to pick up nice chunks of yardage in an offense calibrated this way.

The Seahawks have assembled an incredible amount of offensive talent in a very short period of time. From rookie wide receiver Golden Tate to all-around talent Leon Washington, the ‘Hawks are poised to explode on the rest of the NFC West.

2. Alex Gibbs-

Gibbs is a well known proponent of the Zone Blocking scheme and popularized its use while he was Offensive line coach of the Denver Broncos. Denver became famous at that time for its use of smaller, more agile offensive linemen and the success of its running backs, most notably Terrell Davis. As expected, Alex Gibbs will implement his Zone Blocking scheme in Seattle as well.

3. Healthy Matt Hasselbeck-

Hasselbeck will return this season to the form that he was in 2007 and will lead the Seattle Seahawks.

With news from today OTA. Matt Hasselbeck had another productive day Thursday. During 11-on-11 drills, the quarterback rifled a perfect high throw — over the cornerback and under the safety — to wide out Mike Williams on a comeback route to the left sideline. Later, Hasselbeck had a savvy sidearm throw with the pocket collapsing around him, producing a 10-yard completion over the middle.

4. Seattle Defense-

Never fear, Pete Carroll is here and with him comes the Elephant defense.

What exactly is the Elephant defense? Basically, the Elephant position is a stand up defensive end who lines up on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle. For all intensive purposes it gives the impression of a 3-4 defense.

All of the gap assignments of the 4-3 lineman remain the same. The benefits are added speed up front and better pressure off the edge. The obvious candidates for the Elephant position are David Hawthorne, Lawrence Jackson, and Chris Clemons. Jackson, who played for Carroll at USC, might be the favorite for the spot based on system familiarity and his 4.5 sacks last year.

Anything that gets David Hawthorne, who had 117 tackles, four sacks, three interceptions, eight tackles-for-a-loss and two forced fumbles on the field more would be a good thing.

Expect the bulk of the pass pressure to come from linebackers Curry and Foley during nickel situations, and Hawthorne and Jackson in the role of the Elephant. Seattle’s secondary should be improved this year with a return to health from Marcus Trufant, and the always steady play of Josh Wilson at the corners.

Number one draft pick, free safety Earl Thomas is blazing fast and was the best ball hawk in the draft, and Jordan Babineaux is a solid strong safety, who completes a solid defensive backfield that should give the pass rushers longer to get to the opposing passer this year. Rookies Walter Thurmond, Kam Chancellor, and veterans Kelly Jennings and Lawyer Milloy offer depth.

Hopefully, Carroll’s imported Elephant will dance early and often this year!


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